Standard is regional technology leader in category of flat line production with solid wood parts.

Our highly automatized production can assure  top quality products with short lead times, great flexibility with best possible price.

In our veneer preparation factory we can join veneer with cutting edge NC  butt joining machinery so final product have superb quality compared to classic methods of veneer joining.

CNC formatting and drilling lines gives us huge capacity with great flexibility and quality.

For processing curved shapes, we are equipped with two  CNC workcentres.

We can provide high quality finish according to toughest demands  of our customers using acrylic lacquers on our two full equipped UV lacquering lines. Quality of lacquered surface can fulfill most   demanding specifications regarding surface resistance. Since January of 2012. we can offer UV  lacquering in solid colors.

In our production we use water-based lacquers and adhesives following all valid regulations  for  environment preservation.

Standard is FSC certified since 2010.

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